Refund Policy

1. Term Scope
This term governs the granting of Cash / Virtual Currency through the recharge made by the User to the Perfect World Online Asia.

2. Acquisition of the Virtual Currency [Gold]
2.1 The User may acquire the virtual currency as a bonus in the act of recharge through [Site].
The recharge can take the following forms:
I- By means of an authorized and valid credit card.
II- By means of an authorized and valid Pre-Paid card.
III- Through the available methods: Banking Ticket, PayPal, Payment Market, Bank Transfer, Pre-Paid Card.

2.2 By choosing to pay by one of the methods described above, the User is expressing his / her decision to assign his / her money to Perfect World Online Asia as a recharge.
2.3 If the user is under the age of 18, payment must be made in the presence of the parents or guardians, under their full responsibility.
2.4 Once the recharge is confirmed through the [Perfect World Online Asia] it will make [Gold] available to the User at the combined value.
2.5 Any and all problems with the payment method chosen by the User shall be immediately communicated to the Staff by the User to Supports.

3. The User declares to be aware that:
I - The exchange and / or commercialization of In-game Gold between users involving coins or virtual or physical goods is prohibited.
II- Perfect World Online Asia is not responsible for trading the Gold currency with third parties ..
III- Fraud, any attempt to circumvent the recharge, the user will be permanently blocked.

4. Perfect World Online Asia may change this Terms and at any time exclusively at its discretion, and such change shall become effective upon its disclosure through the official website."

I had read and accept this agreements