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  1. Closed beta end. Thank you for participate in beta test. See you Open beta. After OB no data wipe anymore. Open beta 11 Aug 17.00 (GMT+7) Register : Download : Website : Perfect World Online is very rich contents and high competitive MMORPG with PVP PK PVE in Chinese fantasy world theme. With variety open-world ambient you could fight with your friends or party or guild on land, in sky, under the water. This new server will have new classes,dungeon,items,quests.   This server is longterm play classic server with 1.5.3 patch. Well balanced similar to official server. Stable and professional staffs with great service-mind and won't playing in the game themselves. Experience playing with top players from other countries.Ex. Thailand,Philippines,Indonesia,Vietnam,Malaysia,etc. EXP x3 SP x3 Drop Item x1 Drop Gold x1